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Bright sparks are replacing traditional bulbs with energy efficient LED spotlight lamps in order to save both money and the environment.


The LED MR11 spotlight bulbs come in two specifications; emitting extremely low voltage energy; between 1 to 2 watts. Overall these eco-friendly spotlights could help you to save up to 90 per cent on your average household lighting bills as they have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.


Our LED spotlight bulbs produce the same amount of light output as their halogen cousins; using but a fraction of the wattage.  This means not only will LED purchasers be saving money on electricity bills; but will enjoy a longer life span of up to 25 years; the frequency with which you need to change your bulbs also decreases too. 


LED Spotlights look perfect in an office setting; helping your business meet its environmental and CSR needs.  Equally they are great at home as lighting is one of the most important ways of creating ambiance in your home. In fact; LED lighting has two colour options: why not opt for warm white to create a cosy atmosphere at home or cool white perfect for productivity in the office. Enjoy the perfect light quality, to instantly create the right atmosphere with dimmable eco-friendly LED lights. Both spotlights have a 120 degree beam angle to flood glowing light into your home and office. They are available in warm and cool white; and are 12V AC and DC compatible.

What are the complete benefits of using LED lights?

LED light bulbs compared to other lighting options come with many benefits:

·  Huge reductions on your electricity bills

·  Eco friendly and energy efficient

·  Much longer life-span than halogen/incandescent/fluorescent bulbs - saves cost and time of replacing bulbs

·  LED lighting reduces the "carbon footprint" of your business and helps meet environmental and CSR goals

·  Installation of LED bulbs may qualify for beneficial financial treatment under the government's "Green Deal"

·  Businesses may be able to claim tax relief on LED lighting implementation through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme

·  LEDs can provide light in many colours and you can create interactive lighting environments with LED lights 

·  Low temperature operation - full light output in low temperatures.

·  Instant switch on with no warm up time

·  Environmentally friendly - no toxic mercury content and no IR or UV emissions

·  Directional light

·  Life unaffected by rapid cycling

·  Low profile and compact size

·  Breakage and vibration resistant

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