B15 Bayonet Cap

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The B15 Bayonet Cap is the smaller version of the standard fitting for light bulbs in the United Kingdom. Our excellent range of B15 Bayonet Cap LED candles and golfballs is a great alternative for replacing standard incandescent light bulbs in your home and will also save on your electricity bill.


The lifespan is up to 20 times higher than that of standard light bulbs and the fact that these LED candles and golfballs consume up to 90% less energy are only two of the benefits of switching to LED lighting. You can read more about the benefits of LED bulbs here.


Our collection of B15 Bayonet Cap LED candles and golfballs consists of three superb models that also feature 6 COB (Chip-on-Board) LED’s of a very high grade, which allows the products to consume a mere 3W, 4W or 5W worth of energy, whilst producing a light output equivalent to 25W, 35W and 40W respectively.


These LED candles and golfballs also offer an impressive beam angle of 360 degrees and they are available in Warm White. Please make sure to measure your existing fittings before purchasing this type of LED bulbs, as they are slightly longer than standard candle bulbs.


If you need more advice on what model will fit best your needs, our experts are ready to help you. Just give us a call on 01482 820099 or email us at: enquiries@ledsave.co.uk.To learn more about our extensive range of LED Candles and Golfballs, as well as other products, don’t hesitate to browse our website.

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