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Commercial buildings are required to be well lit for both practical and safety purposes and will be fitted with a large amount of lighting to meet these requirements. As a result, it can be expensive to light commercial buildings, with electricity bills being high, especially for those who have a large volume of inefficient lighting options, such as incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lighting.

Here at LEDSave, we stock a comprehensive selection of commercial LED lighting to allow businesses to make the switch to LEDs, greatly reducing their overall electricity bill. While the initial cost of buying the LED lighting itself is higher, the savings a business will make from using LED lighting is huge, with business paying off the initial cost of the lighting within 6 months of making the switch.

Our selection of 2D LED lighting replacements, enabling you to change your current 2D lighting with energy saving LED equivalents, range between 8-18watts, and have a lumen output of up to 1787lm, a 180 degree beam angle, and an estimated lifespan of 25 years. These low-energy 2D lighting options will save you up to 50% on your lighting electricity bill, and are much more environmentally friendly.

We also stock a range of LED bulkheads which are great for lighting large spaces for your business, both indoor and outdoor. Coming with a range of impressive energy and money saving benefits – such as a light output of 1700 lumens and power consumption of just 16 watts – with our EcoBrite LED Bulkheads, LEDSave can provide businesses with quality energy-saving commercial lighting.

LEDSave is a supplier you can trust. We only source from trusted manufacturers who use high quality components and the best design.

All LEDSave fittings come with up to 5 Year Warranty and a no quibble 28 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The massive range of LED bulbs and fittings on the market can be confusing, so if you’d like any advice please don't hesitate to call LEDSave on: 01482 820099 or email us at: enquiries@ledsave.co.uk.


  1. 16W LED Slimline Downlight

    18W LED Slimline Downlight

    - 120 degree beam angle
    - Slimline design
    - White powder coated aluminium
    - Available in 4000k only 
    - External driver


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  2. 8W 2D LED

    8W 2D LED (4-Pin)

    - 8W 2D LED
    - EPISTAR 3014 LED Chips
    - 16W 2D Replacement
    - 180 degree beam angle
    - Instant on 
    - Available in Natural White only


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  3. 16W LED Bulkhead

    16W LED 2D Style Bulkhead

    - SMD 3014 LED Chips
    - 120 degree beam angle
    - IP65
    - Microwave Sensor Option
    - 3Hr Emergency Option
    - Corridor function 10%-100% Option
    - Available in Warm White, Natural White and Cool White (user selectable)


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